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Informational Picketing

@  MSA Security Sites

9 Murray Street-HQ 

Other Potential Informational & STRIKE Target Locations  

Goldman Sachs Headquarters NYC

Andrews International- Entrance to WTC

BNY Mellon- 636 Pierce Street, Somerset, NJ

BNY Mellon- Barclay Street

Brookfield- 1 World Financial Center

Brookfield- 200 Liberty St

Brookfield- Vesey Street


Durst- 1 WTC

Federal Express- Newark

Goldman Sachs- 200 West Street- Loading Dock

Goldman Sachs- 200 West Street-EDC

Goldman Sachs- Jersey City

Goldman Sachs- Novitex 27th Street 

Goldman Sachs-200 West Street - HSS

Jacob K Javits Convention Center

Knolls Nuclear Laboratory


Port Authority- VSC

Port Authority-Barclay/Washington St.

Port Authority-Liberty Street

Prudential Center

Prudential-Newark 655 Broad Street

Prudential-Newark 751 Broad Street

Prudential-Newark Washington St

Silverstein Properties 7 WTC

US DHS-26 Federal Plaza

US Parks Police Statue of Liberty


What is MSA Security Going to do WHEN the DOGS Refuse to Go to Work & Decide to Protest or STRIKE?
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The Dogs Are Tired of Seeing Our K-9 Handlers Being Treated as Dogs!

MSA Security Has already made up it's mind that despite the majority of officers Voting YES for the UNION and being certified by the National Labor Relations Board, MSA Security is blatantly Refusing to Bargain with the UNION. They are also Refusing to process any grievances and/or listening to any concerns from it's MSA Security K9 Handlers, such as COVID-19 safety issues, pay issues, PTO time, stipends and many other issues brought before them by the Union and our attorneys. They have even gone as far as filing Unfair Labor Charges against the Union for doing its job in protecting our members. See below NLRB Charge. This is NOT how a company who claims to care for its employees acts!

On November 3, 2020 the United Federation of K9 Handlers, through our attorney's have filed an unfair labor charge against Michael Stapleton Associates, Ltd. D/B/A/ MSA Security for failure to bargain in good faith as well as it failure to furnish information, and respond to any of the Union's Document requests including and not limited to COVID-19 policies, site locations and other employee requested information. The Union believes the Employer's is acting in bad faith in an attempt to undermine the Union by its refusal.

BREAKING NEWS: MSA Security is Now Looking to Settle the Monthly Stipend Issue. This could potentially mean MSA Security Handlers Receiving Over 3.5 Million Dollars in Back Monthly Stipend Pay & Reinstatement of the $400 Monthly Stipend 

On Monday December 7, 2020 the United Federation of K9 Handlers, sent emails to 469 MSA Security Handlers notifying you of our filing of unfair labor charges with the National Labor Relations Board NLRB. We also updated you on that the NLRB has set a trial date on MSA unilaterally taking away and reducing the monthly stipend from $400 per month to $80 dollars a month. In addition we notified all 469 MSA Security Handlers of our new website MSA Strike Alert website. Obviously upon sending our emails earlier this morning MSA had sent the following letter to the NLRB in their attempt to avoid a federal trial as well as a possible Unfair Labor Charge STRIKE. Please see the NLRB letter below.

"Bill, Just wanted to say thank you for fighting for us. The new website obviously struck a nerve and if anyone had any doubts what the union has done, this has answered their questions. Thanks again"

A MSA Security K9 Handler who wishes to remain anonymous 12/8/2020

A Manhattan-based mega-security firm hired to protect everyone from Staten Island Ferry riders to NFL players works its bomb-sniffing K-9s like dogs while paying handlers peanuts, a slew of lawsuits charges. MSA Security then uses the pooches as bargaining chips to keep abused handlers in line, threatening to yank the dogs if workers don’t comply, court papers allege. Read the full story here.


He was a loyal partner who loved apples and a comfortable bed after a long day at work — but he won’t be spending retirement with the family that loved him. That’s because Valiant the beloved bomb-sniffing dog was cruelly removed from his longtime handler — and the man’s developmentally disabled son — after a workplace dispute, the handler claims. Joseph Tallini says MSA Security fired him under false pretenses and then took the 8-year-old yellow Lab, leaving his family “devastated.” “It was horrible,” Tallini told The Post.


Tallini, who is part of an ongoing Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit against MSA, says he twice warned his supervisors earlier this year that Valiant was “drastically” slowing down and could no longer handle grueling 12-hour shifts at the New York Stock Exchange. Read the full story here

Three former US Marines who work as dog handlers say their bosses at a major security firm treat the pups as pawns in an ongoing labor battle.


The handlers filed new Manhattan federal court lawsuits last month accusing MSA Security, which patrols high-profile spots like the New York Stock Exchange, of targeting workers who support unionizing. The new legal claims come on the heels of a July lawsuit from 10 handlers who said the company threatens to remove the beloved bomb-sniffing dogs from employees who complain about lack of pay.


Joseph Colin McWilliams and Juan B. Gomez say MSA Security sought to “make an example of them” after they openly supported the July lawsuit. New Jersey resident Thomas Brown has also sued the company for unfair labor practices.  Read the full story here

Ten bomb-sniffing dog handlers, many of them 9/11 responders, claim their bosses at a major security firm are using their lovable Labs as pawns in a labor fight.


MSA Security, which has a $24 million contract with the city and patrols high-profile spots like the New York Stock Exchange, the Staten Island Ferry terminals, the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center, use the canine coworkers “as a means of retaliation” against workers who complain about low pay and lack of overtime — yanking the pups from handlers who spend a lifetime training, living, bonding and working with them, according to a lawsuit.

“The guys that work there take care of these dogs better than anybody,” a source said. 


But that allegedly didn’t matter to MSA, which would snatch the dogs “at whim.”

“MSA could, and did remove dogs from the physical possession of [the handlers] for any reason or no reason” as a way to convey “direct and indirect threats for purposes of squelching dissent, maintaining ‘order in the ranks,’” the handlers charge. Read the full story here

A top private security firm is suing an ex-employee, a bomb-sniffing-dog handler who made off with his work-pooch named Fallon when he left the company. Fallon, a golden retriever described as a “highly valuable canine” by MSA Security, and as “more than a canine partner” by his handler, lived at Peter Vega’s Staten Island home per the “humane practices of the firm.”

But when Vega resigned from his job in February because he didn’t want to take an assignment across the harbor at Madison Square Garden he refused to return the dog, the Manhattan civil suit alleges.

The 27-year-old U.S. Air Force Reservist copped to the pooch poach in an interview with The Post. “I loved Fallon dearly,” he gushed about his six-month relationship with the sleek retriever. “We were together 24/7. We went to work together, came home together. Every day we trained for at least an hour,” he said.


“I loved that dog like a child. Everybody is telling me to go buy a puppy, but you wouldn’t tell someone who lost a kid to just go get another kid?” he reasoned. Read the full story here

OLD BRIDGE - A township family hasn't given up their fight to have the MSA Security dog that lived with them returned after being taken away when their patriarch, the dog's handler, was reactivated by the Army National Guard.

Deirdre Fennessy, whose husband is in the Guard, said the company appears to be avoiding returning the dog to "to prove a point."

Fennessy's husband Seamus is on military leave from his job as a K-9 handler for MSA Security, where he worked with Mattie, a nearly 7-year-old black Labrador trained in bomb detection, who lived with the family.




I have tried to sit down to write this message several times but have failed as my family and I have been overcome with tremendous sorrow. 

My husband, combat veteran SSG Séamus Fennessy was a K9 handler with MSA Security (Owned by Perella Weinberg Partners “PWP”) for five years. During this time Seamus and his K9 partner Mattie worked exclusively with each other — Mattie never had another handler nor had Seamus had another dog. At the end of 2018 my husband informed MSA that he was going to serve his country on active military duty but would be local and still able to keep up with Mattie’s training. Since MSA had previously allowed handlers to keep their dogs in similar circumstances we had no reason to believe this would be different. Except it was. At the 11th hour only 2 days before my husband went on orders we were abruptly informed that Mattie would need to be returned and someone “would pick her up in the morning”.  

Mattie was just shy of her 7th birthday and nearing retirement when she was taken in January of 2019. She is now 8 years old and is still working, far away from home. MSA & PWP have callously torn our family member, our beloved “Mattie Cakes” from her family who loves and adores her. While our daughters and myself could hardly contain our tears, my husband remained strong despite a barrage of phone calls and texts from MSA which included threats of destroying his military career. 

My husband is a veteran and decorated war hero — and in the words of MSA themselves a “great employee”. Mattie is a goofy, lovable pooch who adores playing with the kids in our backyard and napping on the sofa. Neither deserve this treatment. 

MSA & PWP have taken Mattie from her loving home and ripped our family apart. This is devastating to everyone involved. Including our sweet Mattie, our lovable goofball who doesn’t understand any of this but is wondering what she did wrong to end up in a kennel torn from her family and everything she knows. It’s this image that haunts me. Mattie is innocent and in true MSA/PWP fashion they are using her as leverage as they routinely do with their dogs. 


Please sign our petition to urge MSA Security/ Parella Weinberg Partners to return Mattie to the family who loves her.

We would also be so deeply thankful if you would consider making a donation to our fundraiser to Bring K9 Mattie Home: https://www.gofundme.com/f/bring-k9-mattie-home

If you prefer to donate through PayPal, here's our link: 



And please let MSA & PWP know how you feel about this! Direct contact has a positive impact. CONTACT INFO:

CEO Glen Kucera (the man who made the decision to take Mattie away); 973-981-1275 gkucera@msasecurity.net

K9 Director Mike Wynn (the scumbag who deliberately moved Mattie across the country to keep her from her family), 917-923-5508; 




The Perella Weinberg people who own MSA keep themselves relatively insulated; they are billionaires after all. So while we don't have their direct numbers, here are the emails of the fellas who oversee MSA:             


Chip Baird, cbaird@pwpartners.com                                                           

David Ferguson, dferguson@pwpartners.com                                     

John McKee, jmckee@pwpartners.com

Perella Weinberg Partners (PWP) main number, 212-287-3341     (Heads up: PWP falsely claims that Mattie is an MSA internal issue, that they have nothing to do with it. This is false - they are intimately involved with MSA's operations!).

MSA Security main number, 212-509-1336

You can also follow our story on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaveK9Mattie/

And on Twitter as SaveK9Mattie (@k9_save): https://twitter.com/k9_save?lang=en

Here is our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/k9_mattie/

And if you wish to contact us about anything, we do our best to answer each one of you individually and as promptly as possible through our email address: k9mattie@yahoo.com

Thank you all for your support, and God bless xoxo

$14.5M recovery for hundreds of MSA Security K9 handlers who alleged they were not paid for time they spent training their K-9s.


 (Case No. 1:17-cv-05468, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York) concerned 17 named plaintiffs who brought a series of lawsuits against security company Michael Stapleton Associates Ltd., a business which trained dogs for security purposes and operated as MSA Security.

Lawsuits brought by the plaintiffs claimed MSA Security violated state and federal wage laws by failing to pay workers overtime pay for the hours they spent training program dogs at their homes. Two workers additionally claimed they were victims of retaliation for joining the litigation.

The cases were combined in April of 2018, and a settlement deal was negotiated and drafted in March 2019. The presiding judge approved the deal on Friday, August 9, 2019, a day after he stated the settlement provided a reasonable resolution to “difficult and unsettled issues involving wage-and-hour-laws” at a fairness hearing.

The Judge’s approval allows for the $14.5M million total payouts for plaintiffs to be dispersed as follows:

  • Equating to roughly $10,000 for each of the 17 named plaintiffs;

  • An additional $25K and $10K for the two victims of alleged retaliation;

  • A portion of funds to cover settlement administrator and attorneys’ fees; and

  • Remaining funds to be split among over 600 dog handlers based on weeks’ worked.


Source: https://www.bchlaw.com/news/2019/august/bch-s-14-5m-settlement-for-unpaid-dog-handlers-p/

MSA Security to Face Federal Trial Over a Number of Allegations on January 26, 2021 Including Reducing The K9 Handlers Monthly Stipends from $400 to $80 Dollars without first negotiating with the Union 

Based on the above this NLRB case filed by the UNION is worth over 3.5 Million Dollars that is owed to the 469 MSA K-9 Handlers Across the Country!

Handler of Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Sues MSA Security for Unpaid OT

Security Firm Sues 2 Ex-Top NYPD Officials With Close Ties to Ray Kelly. Read the full story here.

Suit Claims Racial Harassment at Security Firm With New York City Contracts. Read the full article here.

Raymond Kelly's ex-aide was forced out of job for defending African-American coworker: lawsuit 

A former federal prosecutor who served as Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly's NYPD special counsel says she was forced out of her job by a leading security company because she stood up for an African-American colleague against racial discrimination.

Katherine Lemire clocked Michael Stapleton Associates with a lawsuit Tuesday, claiming company brass drove her to resign. Read more about this story here.


This is a civil action in which Plaintiff, Ronald Gray ("Gray"), alleges that Defendant, Michael Stapleton Associates, Ltd. ("MSA"), wrongfully converted Max, a trained explosive detecting Labrador Retriever. Gray filed a four-count (4) Verified Complaint and Jury Demand alleging conversion (Count I), restitution (Count II), unjust enrichment/quantum meruit (Count III), and c. 93A violations (Count IV). This action is now before the Court on MSA's Motion for Summary Judgment. The court heard oral argument on December 6, 2006. For the following reasons MSA's motion is DENIED.

Source: https://casetext.com/case/gray-v-michael-stapleton-asso-ltd

The above MSA Security reviews were found on the internet. We are republishing them to provide information only. 

OIG recently found that MSA requires its employees to sign a confidentiality agreement prohibiting disclosure of company information to external parties. The agreement does not include an exception that allows employees to report fraud, waste, or abuse to federal investigative or law enforcement entities, such as OIG.

Iovino provided the I-Team with an internal email from a former colleague indicating one dog sent to Jordan died of suspected heat stroke in July 2017. She also provided photos of underweight K-9s she alleges were taken by a former contractor visiting the K-9s overseas — photos News4 could not independently verify.

Her allegations have sparked multiple federal inquiries. The State Department’s inspector general has confirmed to News4 that it’s reviewing the health and welfare of explosive detection K-9s sent overseas.

The IG, as well as the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform, are also reviewing Iovino’s whistleblower complaint. In the filing, she alleges the private contractor, MSA Security, terminated her after she brought her concerns about the K-9s and other matters to the State Department’s Office of Acquisitions Management.

MSA Security declined comment to News4, citing a confidentiality agreement with the Department of State, but court records show it vehemently rejects Iovino’s accusations pertaining to the reason for her dismissal. The contractor is appealing a July 2018 decision by the State Department IG that found it “committed retaliation” against her after she made protected disclosures.

Source: https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/federal-whistleblower-raising-questions-about-k-9s-deployed-overseas-2/46/

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted this evaluation in response to an OIG hotline complaint. The complaint alleged that the Department was providing Explosive Detection Canines (EDCs) to foreign partner nations without the proper follow-up to ensure they were receiving adequate healthcare. These allegations also included reports that dogs were dying due to various medical conditions, lack of veterinary care, and poor working conditions. As a result, OIG initiated this evaluation to determine whether the Department effectively managed the health and welfare of dogs in the Explosive Detection Canine Program (EDCP).

In 2016, DS/ATA discontinued using ATF because the Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s Office of Overseas Protective Operations (DS/OPO) established its own canine training program at a facility in Winchester, VA, known as the Canine Validation Center (CVC). The Department contracted with MSA Security (MSA) to provide supporting personnel and resources to operate and manage the CVC. DS/ATA relies heavily on the CVC for its expertise in canines for any necessary policies and procedures


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